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There’d been a lot of chat from the Big Cheese for a Jerky that was spicy and flavourful enough to blow your socks off! With ingredients hard to come by, the Bootleg brothers visit a crusty war veteran fresh from a bomb blast that’s taken his hearing and one eye, who has swapped his rifle for a watering can and escaped to the countryside for a quieter life.

He’d stashed a collection of seeds from all over the world on his travels, and now
grows the most succulent chillis in the district. The old boy is a feisty sniper who’s no pushover, but when the desperate brothers plead for the spicy tang they’re searching for, he knows that his sizzling chillies will keep their clients happy biting into prime grass-fed New Zealand beef smothered with heat from four different chillies and a scintillating zing from NZ Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic that will blast the taste buds to smithereens!


-100% Prime NZ Grass fed and finished beef

-Ancho, Habanero, Birdseye, Kashmiri and Chipotle Chillies. Garlic, Cumin and Soy.

-23g Protein per 40g serve

-0.4g Sugar (from apple cider) per 40g serve

-15% of your RDI of Iron

-Great source of Vitamin B12

-Gluten Free

-Free from Nitrates, MSG, Artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, dairy.

Hot Shot Beef Jerky

SKU: 003-004
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