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Boysenberry Yoghurt - locally grown boysenberries in a honey sweetened organic yoghurt. That's right - 3 ingredients and nothing else.

Contains: Milk


The Taste

For us making a great tasting meal is the single most important thing we do. Thats why we don’t cut corners or make compromises. Every single one of our meals is hand crafted to be the tastiest freeze dried meal you’ve ever tried.


The Ingredients

Being based in the sunny Nelson Tasman region means we have year round access to amazing fresh ingredients that each add to the incredible flavour of our meals. We’re sure you’ll taste the difference.


The World's Best

It’s no surprise the worlds top outdoor athletes choose to use our meals for their races and adventures. We’ve worked with cavers, climbers and the worlds leading adventure racing team to craft our products since day one.

Boysenberry Yoghurt

SKU: 002-003
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