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Updated: Feb 10

I just got a phone call from a colleague of mine, who said "I just had a customer who was very sexist - he said he doesn't want to talk to a female about a new boat, he wants to talk with someone who knows what they are talking about!"

It doesn't surprise me anymore, it just makes me wonder that guys still think that knowledge and interest in hunting, fishing and the outdoors is a male thing!!!? Why does it automatically mean that I don't know what I am talking about just because I am female? I am sure I caught more fish than he did...spent more hours on the water, have more knowledge...but he wouldn't think that way!

I, Isabell, came to New Zealand in 2012 and started land-based fishing with my partner, then we bought our first boat and went out fishing and diving. That was our passion for years!

In 2018 I started working for Surtees Boats - a dream came true - now I am selling boats to mainly guys. She usually has some influence in the colour and if it has a toilet, but everything else included in those 100k+ is his decision. She might not even come...

In 2021 I started hunting and became quickly the secretary of the New Zealand Deer Stalker Association - Bay of Plenty Branch. Predominantly guys again!

Why is that? Are we really not interested in those guy things? Are they guy things? Isn't it just nice to get out there onto the water, into the bush and understand nature, embrace the sunrise and sunset, provide for your family, switch off and detox from your busy life and also your phone? This is the holistic way I am looking at it and I need it to recharge my batteries!

New Zealand is a very privileged country where you can do all of that - in Germany, where I come from, there are too many restrictions, and not enough freedom to do those things.

We should take more advantage of that and get out there more! But also, should be confident about this. This is why I want to create this series of seminars, workshops and events taking women on a journey to become confident on a boat, in the bush and be able to do this when "the husband is not around. Join me for maybe the scariest but maybe most exciting journey in your life - learning new life skills is amazing, especially in an environment where you feel safe and happy and can create a lot of long-lasting and very special friendships. Thanks for entering this journey with me and please provide as much feedback as possible so Wild Chix can be the best it can be!

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