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My name is Isabell, I am an outdoorsy woman in my late 30s and I have been working in the Marine Industry for almost a decade now (that makes me feel very old now, haha). I am mainly working with guys, husbands, partners and rarely even get to know the wives, which is a pity.

She is the one usually transferring the funds though...

A couple of years ago I also started my hunting journey, became Secretary of the NZDA Bay of Plenty Branch and I am heavily involved with organising Club Nights and Club Hunts - for mainly the guys who love hunting, as the hunting community doesn't have many females either...

Well, I thought we needed to change this, so I founded Wild Chix, where I want to educate females about boats, fishing, hunting and the beautiful outdoors we've got here in New Zealand. 

Starting with Seminars to educate in a "non-testosterone" environment, where you can ask all your questions without feeling "dumb", have fun, a laugh, make friends and get more confident. 

Soon I want to introduce getaways amongst girls into the outdoors, where we can catch our fish and practise some outdoor skills. 

Join me on this epic journey of Wild Chix and please feel free to provide as much feedback as you like, so we can make this project beneficial and fun to everyone. 

Hope to see you around soon


Giving Back

Our Commitment

Wild Chix is treating every woman the same way! From beginner to expert, our seminars and trips are targeted to all women who enjoy the outdoors with a pinch of adventure and excitement.

Fitness levels, experience and knowledge will be taken care off.

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