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Sultry speakeasies hidden along humid Chicago streets were the brothers’ inspiration for their mouth-watering beef jerky, but when they manage to secure a third generation jerky recipe from the sweet patootie behind one bar by beating her in a card game, they know the sweet, hot andsmoky flavour should be called Sweet Heat...just like her.


Prime New Zealand grass-fed beef soaked in a sweet and savoury bath with cayenne
pepper and Ancho chillies thrown in for good measure, Sweet Heat is great on a cold night with a single malt or bath tub gin, a moorish snack for a road trip or when bumping gums with your hombres over a glass of hooch.


-100% Prime NZ Grass fed and finished beef

-Soy, Molasses, Anchovies, Tamarind, Garlic, Smoked Paprika 

-22g Protein per 40g serve

-1.6g Sugar per 40g serve

-15% of your RDI of Iron

-Great source of Vitamin B12

-Free from Nitrates, MSG, Artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, dairy.

Sweet Heat Beef Jerky

SKU: 003-002
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