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Hunt with Sarah

Sarah is our Hunting Expert! Creating a safe and comfortable space for females to learn how to hunt, handle firearms and feel empowered are right up Sarah's alley! Come hunting with us and ask her all your questions - a wealth of knowledge, happy to share - no judgment!

Kia Ora! Welcome to Wild Chix! We hope you find this a safe space to explore and discover the incredible world of hunting.

My hunting journey started initially as a young woman growing up amongst the forests and oceans of the far north in New Zealand.  I am one of 5 children who were taught to shoot rabbits, possums and other small game as well as fish, camp out and ride horses along 90 Mile Beach from a very young age. We lived without power for 10 years during my childhood. I am of Ngapuhi – Ngati Kuri descent and am very proud of my Māori heritage. Part of my education was to understand the importance of working with nature, not against it. This is an ethic I’ve carried with me to the present day.

I moved overseas for many years in pursuit of adventure and pursed a career in education reform within developing countries. This led me on many adventures that included living in the Middle East, Rwanda, Kazakhstan, USA and the UK.

I moved back home 10 years ago and the need for something challenging took over as I found life back home very predictable after living in very wild exotic places.

This is when I became a hunter. I’d been dating this guy who was a complete drop kick, (lol) but had taken me into the Kaweka’s for 5 days via helicopter. He didn’t last, but the desire to learn to hunt did!

I was determined after that to learn to how to hunt without the need to trail after a man to do it. I joined the local deerstalkers club in Auckland and met a whole bunch of amazing kickass women who were literally “my tribe”. I felt like I’d come home. The guys at this club were equally as supportive of women learning to hunt and generously supported me with my endless questions and queries for months until I felt confident to get out there by myself.

An opportunity came up to move to the gorgeous Bay of Plenty. So in 2020 I was happy to move here and see it as my forever home.

Around that time, I came up with the idea of a National Women’s Hunt as part of the NZDA group. The idea took off. My friend Courtney and I organised a hunt for 14 women from around the north island and started a women’s hunting movement that is still being supported by the NZDA.

Wild Chix is the next logical step for me. I know what it’s like being a woman and wanting to learn how to hunt. I’ve endured odd looks, being asked if I was single, invitations to date, and questions about my motives. But regardless of any judgements or comments, I hunt because I utterly love it. It’s part of my turangawaewae (ancestry) and it’s one of the few places I feel totally at peace and alive. I’m also passionate about keeping all things in nature in balance so our Mahinga Kai can remain intact.

I’m looking forward to supporting you in your journey as you learn to hunt. Again, welcome to Wild Chix. You belong here.


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